Ämnesarkiv: Zhongshan

Zhuhai, making spring plans, surprisingly cold and more

It’s been silent here for far to long now so it’s time for a new post! I have far to much to write about but I’ll do my best to write about it! It’s been a time of job offers, disappointments, decisions, thinking, new decisions and some Chinese adventures. My plan when I came here […]

My adventurous trip to Shanghai

Here’s the tale of how I made it to Shanghai last week despite everything tried to stop me:   Last week was the Chinese national day which meant a whole week off from work. Many of the people from our group had decided to go to Shanghai for the week to meet and catch up […]

Some pictures from Beijing and Zhongshan

Here are some pictures from the last week in Beijing and my first exploration of Zhongshan including the Moon festival in Guangzhou:    

First report from Zhongshan

Ni hao! I’m finally back here on the blog! It’s been happening so much here since my last post but I’ll try to cover the most of it! The last days in Beijing we moved out from the university to another place an hour south of the city. It was a really nice place, even […]