First week of teaching and placement info

Where to start?

It’s been some time since I posted something here.  We’re busy as usual and have completed our first week of teaching practice! For four days now we have been teaching classes in a nearby school called School number seven (seriously, somebody really needs more inspiration for names…). We have worked in teams of four to prepare lessons and then teach classes individually. Our class were great! The first day we had sex very shy girls, 13 years old but day two we got five more. They were really good at english for that age and showed much more respect to the teachers than swedish students do. Some of them even stands up to answer a question!

TP (2 of 2) TP (1 of 2)

It’s been four really fun days and we have taught them about countries, food, holidays etc. Last day we got some gifts from them:

Beijing (8 of 8)

Everything we have learned in there past weeks have been very useful and I feel ready to start teach for real! :)

Which brings me to the big news of today, we have finally received our placements!

For the next 5 (probably more) months I will live in a town called Zhongshan in the province of Guangdong. It’s very much in the south of China and very close to Hong Kong. It seems like a really cool place and I will hace five others from the group as company as well so now I am looking forward to it! Buuut first we have another week here in Beijing. Now it’s time for sleep but I will keep on posting.

Here are some random pictures from the last week:

Beijing (1 of 8) Beijing (7 of 8) Beijing (6 of 8) Beijing (5 of 8) Beijing (4 of 8) Beijing (3 of 8) Beijing (2 of 8)

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